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Board of Trustees Meeting--Thursday 09/21/17 at 7:00 p.m.
Khepera Charter School†is a K-8 African-Centered Academy devoted to the Rebirth of Academic and Cultural Excellence.† It is a tuition-free Philadelphia public charter school.††
206 Parents!
The PSSA testing is quickly approaching! Below you will find a link to item samplers. The item samplers are sample test questions that you can review with your scholar. Please take time to review the material with your scholar. I am confident that with continued practice at home and at school your scholars will excel during testing.

The PSSA assessments are based on the Pennsylvania Core Standards. As such, they are

designed to assist school districts in determining the quality of their educational programs.

Parents can reassure children that these assessments give them an opportunity to

demonstrate their learning and help teachers plan the best possible instruction for them.

Please make every effort to ensure your child attends school during these testing periods. In

addition, we appreciate your support and encouragement for your child during the



Wonders Reading Series
Hotep Parents,

This week we are beginning a new reading series. More information will be sent home during the week.
Spelling List - words with double consonants
  1. pulled
  2. begged
  3. hugged
  4. silly
  5. correct
  6. latter
  7. matter
  8. supper
  9. common
  10. lesson
  11. collect
  12. setting
  13. bottles
  14. different
  15. jelly
  16. fairy tale
  17. cultural
  18. grandma
  19. courage
  20. weave

Power Words
  1. delighted - very happy.
  2. dusk - the time in the evening just before it gets dark.
  3. embraced - hugged.
  4. latch - to close a door with a movable bar that fits into a slot.
  5. tender - easy to chew, soft.
  6. brittle - easily broken or snapped.
  7. cunning - able to fool or trick; sly or clever.
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears

Spelling List - words with /Żr/


Power Words
satisfied - having one's needs or desires fulfilled.
duty - job or responsibility.
council - meeting called to find answers.
mischief - behavior that causes problems for others.
nonsense - words or ideas that are foolish and have no real meaning.
tidbit - small piece of something.
Happy Holidays
This week we will not be reading a story. We will be reviewing PSSA information and areas of need based upon your child's benchmark. Please continue to have your child read at least 20 minutes. Winter packets will go home Tuesday the 23rd.

We will be having a Kwanzaa party Tuesday the 23rd. I will be providing pizza for all students. If able, please send in a snack or drink for the class with your child. Thanks in advance and enjoy your holiday!
Properties of Multiplication
Multiplication Properties
There are four properties involving multiplication that will help make problems easier to solve. They are the commutative, associative, multiplicative identity and distributive properties.

Commutative property: When two numbers are multiplied together, the product is the same regardless of the order of the multiplicands. For example 4 * 2 = 2 * 4
Associative Property: When three or more numbers are multiplied, the product is the same regardless of the grouping of the factors. For example (2 * 3) * 4 = 2 * (3 * 4)
Identity Property: The product of any number and one is that number. For example 5 * 1 = 5.
Distributive property: The sum of two numbers times a third number is equal to the sum of each addend times the third number. For example 4 * (6 + 3) = 4*6 + 4*3
This week!
Please continue to have your child recite our Kwanzaa poem with you. Our Pre Kwanzaa celebration is Tuesday morning at 8:30am.

Report card conferences begin Wednesday 12/17/2010 at 5pm.

Please make sure your child is reading 20 minutes daily and practicing their multiplication flash cards.

Asante Sana
Centerfield Ballhawk
Centerfield Ballhawk

Spelling List - words with /ōō/ and /ŏŏ/
  1. boots
  2. grouped
  3. shook
  4. school
  5. looked
  6. hood
  7. choose
  8. brook
  9. zoomed
  10. balloon
  11. loose
  12. soot
  13. understand
  14. cartoon
  15. afternoon
  16. season
  17. umpire
  18. diamond
  19. average
  20. pitcher

Power Words
  1. outfielder - a baseball player whose position is in the outfield
  2. concentrate - to pay close attention
  3. depend - to rely
  4. ballhawk - a baseball player who always seems to get the ball and catch it
  5. vanish - to go suddenly out of sight; disappear
  6. fault - responsibility for a mistake; blame
The Talent Show
The Talent Show

Focus Skill: Prefixes and Suffixes
Draw Conclusions

Spelling List - words with /Ű/
  1. song
  2. law
  3. because
  4. soft
  5. dawn
  6. crawl
  7. lost
  8. taught
  9. long
  10. pause
  11. frost
  12. lawn
  13. hawk
  14. laundry
  15. author
  16. sausage
  17. cafeteria
  18. mustard
  19. tablecloth
  20. service

Power Words
  1. gym - large room used for indoor sports
  2. perform - to take part in a public show
  3. prefer - to like better than something else
  4. recite - to repeat from memory
  5. enjoying - having a good time; taking pleasure in
  6. billions - a very, very large number of things
  7. roam - to wander; to move around without a purpose
Little Grunt Week of 11-10-14
Little Grunt and The Big Egg

Spelling List - words with /oi/

  1. joyful
  2. choice
  3. voice
  4. joint
  5. moist
  6. spoil
  7. royal
  8. annoy
  9. noise
  10. employ
  11. soil
  12. loyal
  13. boiled
  14. destroy
  15. pointy
  16. earthquake
  17. volcano
  18. hurricane
  19. weather
  20. rumble

Power Words
  1. brunch - a meal that comes between breakfast and lunch
  2. peaceful - calm and quiet
  3. omelet - eggs that are beaten with other ingredients and cooked
  4. erupting - blowing out lave, rocks, and gases from a volcano
  5. lava - hot, melted rock that pours from an erupting volcano
  6. escape - to get away from danger
Spelling Words
Text Features Week of 10-14-14 Ė 206- 3rd grade
Vocabulary Words

bound- leaped or sprang lightly along; jumped
correct- what is right
direction- any way in which one may face or point
easily - in an easy manner; without trying hard
guide- someone or something that shows the way
harness- the leather strips, band, and other pieces used
to hitch a horse or other animal
introduce- to make known; bring into acquaintance with
patient- having patience; showing patience

Spelling Words

Math Test Tomorrow
Complete page 55 for homework in your math textbook. Students will be tested on chapter 3 tomorrow.

Skills- Rounding to nearest 10, 100 and 1,000 place.

Rounding Rule- 5 and above give it a shove --- 4 and below let it go!

I expect all A's and B's!

Olympic Games : Where Hereos Are Made
The Olympic Games: Where Heroes Are Made

Spelling List - Consonant blends with st and str
  1. least
  2. fast
  3. just
  4. burst
  5. strip
  6. stick
  7. strike
  8. artist
  9. almost
  10. student
  11. strong
  12. start
  13. blast
  14. straw
  15. street
  16. events
  17. competition
  18. stroke
  19. teammate
  20. distance

Power Words
  1. ancient - very old.
  2. host - one who provides the place for an event.
  3. stadium - an arena or building with rows of seats built around a field.
  4. compete - to take part with others in a contest of skill.
  5. earned - gained as the result of effort.
  6. record - the best performance in a competition.
  7. ceremonies - formal acts performed in honor of an occasion.
  8. medals - small, flat pieces of metal given as awards.

Allie's Basketball Dream
Allie's Basketball Dream
Allie's Basketball Dream

Spelling List - words with Long i and Long o
  1. tight
  2. while
  3. show
  4. stone
  5. bright
  6. whole
  7. window
  8. time
  9. follow
  10. close
  11. flight
  12. tide
  13. grow
  14. broke
  15. below
  16. basketball
  17. coach
  18. forward
  19. dribble
  20. guard

Power Words
  1. professional - doing something as a job.
  2. familiar - known well or recognized.
  3. captain - the leader of a group.
  4. pretended - made believe.
  5. aimed - pointed one thing at another.
  6. monitor - a person who watches over something.

Nate The Great
Grade 3, Theme 1, Nate the Great, San Francisco Detective

Vocabulary Words

detective -a person who solves mysteries
specific -exact
positive -completely sure
case -a mystery or problem a detective is working to solve
returned -brought back
definitely -surely
assistant -a person who helps someone do a job
Spelling Words

Words with long a (like cane) and long e (like team)

1. easy* 6. saved* 11. raise
2. grade 7. pail 12. leave*
3. meet* 8. these 13. gain
4. late* 9. reach 14. theme
5. seat* 10. name* 15. scream

16. mystery*
17. solve*
18. search
19. found*
20. investigate

* Selection Words

Pepita Talks Twice
Grade 3, Theme 1, Pepita Talks Twice

Vocabulary Words

stubborn headstrong or unyielding
grumble a silent complaint
mumbled said in a low, unclear way
exploded burst apart
darted moved swiftly
streak a quick flash of movement
languages systems of sounds and symbols used to communicate ideas

Spelling Words

Words with short i (like pin) short o, (like hot)
and short u (like cut)

1. slip* 6. gift 11. from
2. fish 7. thing 12. jump
3. pick 8. inch 13. socks
4. rocks 9. truck 14. dish
5. lunch* 10. pond 15. thump

16. frown*
17. expression
18. surprised
19. emotion
20. smirk

Office Buckle and Gloria - Power and Spelling Words
Officer Buckle and Gloria
Vocabulary Words
department a separate part of a large organization, such as a government or business
audience a group of people who gather to see or hear a performance, such as a play
obeys carries out wishes, orders, or instructions
commands directions or orders
expression a way of speaking that shows feeling
accident something bad that happens without being planned
noticed became aware of; saw for the first time
Spelling Words

Words with short a (like cat) and short e (like net)

1. sat* 6. best 11. grand
2. felt 7. went* 12. stamp
3. last 8. hand 13. belt
4. send 9. stand* 14. lend
5. next* 10. past 15. checked

16. else
17. guest
18. attention*
19. heard
20. listen
Welcome to 3rd Grade !!!!!

Hotep Third Grade Families,

Welcome to Third Grade! I hope you all enjoyed your summer vacation and are ready to begin the 2014-2015 school year. My name is Sister Nicole Patterson. This is my second year teaching at Khepera Charter School and my 4th year teaching overall. I previously taught in a middle school self Ėcontained special education classroom. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education and Special Education from Eastern University. I am currently in the process of attaining my Masters in Multicultural Education from Eastern University. I look forward to building a relationship with you and your child in this upcoming school year.

Third grade will be an exciting time as your child works to refine existing skills, explore new concepts, and establish new friendships. This year your child will continue to improve his/her Reading Comprehension Skills, Written Communication Techniques, and Math Problem-Solving abilities, Science and Social Studies Skills, through the exploration of many fascinating topics and Cultural Infusion. I hope to make this time in your childís learning experience an enjoyable and inspiring one.

Studentsí rights and responsibilities are the foundation of my classroom rules and discipline plan. All members of the learning community deserve respect. We all have the right to learn and the responsibility to support one anotherís learning. We all have the right to be happy and feel safe. Each of us has the responsibility to be mindful of otherís feelings. Actions that hurt others are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. My intent is to be both positive and consistent in my efforts to help students monitor their behavior. I look for opportunities to encourage, praise, and empower students to make good choices. Responsible behavior is expected, and many privileges are linked to behavior.

Our Classroom Rules

1. Respect others

2. Be a good listener

3. Raise your hand to speak

4. Work quietly

5. Take responsibility for your actions

I look forward to getting to know you and your child and anticipate a year filled with learning and fun! Should you have questions or concerns, you may contact me at Khepera Charter School at (215- 438-9800) or via email at N.Patterson@kheperacharterschool.org

Thank you for all of your cooperation,

Sister Nicole

Room 206

Sister Nicole

Room 206 Supply List

Dear 3rd Grade Parent(s),

Following is a list of school supplies which your child will need to begin the school year. Students are responsible for their own supplies, which may need to be replenished during the school year. Additional supplies may be required during the school year. It is the parentís responsibility to replace any lost or broken materials.

* Pencils (36 count) / Pencil bag (Please no pencils boxes)

* Crayons / Colored Pencils /Markers

* (2) neon colored highlighters

* Scissors and glue

* (2) tissue boxes

* (1) hand sanitizer

* (4) composition books (No spiral notebooks please)

* (1) Ruler

* (4) 2 pocket folders

* 1 student sized dry erase board

* 1 pack dry erase markers

* Backpack (Please write childís name inside)

* Multiplication Flash Cards Factors 0-12

Thank you!

Sister Nicole

PSSA testing!
PSSA testing begins next Tuesday!!! Please complete all review packets and homework with you child this upcoming week!
Hotep Parents! The countdown is on!! PSSA testing begins in a week!
PSSA testing will begin next week!!! Please continue to read each night with your scholars, complete required packets and practice math facts. Below you will find the layout of a previous 3rd grade PSSA test. You can use this as a guide for review with your child. Thank you!

Week of 1-6-14
Centerfield Ballhawk
Spelling List - words with /ōō/ and /ŏŏ/

1.   boots
10. balloon
11.       loose
12.      soot
13.      understand
14.      cartoon
15.      afternoon
16.      season
17.      umpire
18.      diamond
19.      average
20.    pitcher

Vocabulary Words
1.   outfielder - a baseball player whose position is in the outfield
2.concentrate - to pay close attention
3.depend - to rely
4.ballhawk - a baseball player who always seems to get the ball and catch it
5.vanish - to go suddenly out of sight; disappear
6.fault - responsibility for a mistake; blame
Happy New Year 2014
Hotep Parents,

I hope you all had a restful winter break and Happy New Year! I look forward to continuing to educate and push your scholars past their potential! Please make sure your scholars have their classroom supplies so they are prepared for our daily lessons and activities. Also, if any parents would like to send in tissues I would appreciate it! Thank you

Sister Nicole

Supplies :

Copy books
PENCILS *******

Week of December 16th, 2013

*Reminder * Tuesday December 17th Acuity testing will take place. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time.

Thursday December 19th and Friday December 20th, 2013 students will be dismissed at 11:50am. Please plan accordingly.


This week we will being to focus on fables.


Power Words

Despise – to look down on someone or something

 Exhausted – to drain strength or energy, worn out

 Panted- to breathe hard and quickly

Contempt- a feeling of being worthless, mean or vile

 Famished- extreme hunger

Glistening- to reflect; a sparkling light

Week of Decemeber 8th, 2013

Hotep Parents,


This week we will be reading a realistic fiction selection called “The Talent Show.”

Summary: Beany is anxious about the upcoming talent show. After a talk with her father, Beany realizes the most important thing is to have fun!



Comprehension: Moral of a story, creating mental images and prefixes and suffixes

Word Study: letter patterns with /o/ , words with quantity and similes


Gym- large room used for indoor sports

Perform – to take part in a public show

Prefer- to like better than something else

Recite- to repeat from memory

Enjoying- having a good time; taking pleasure in

Billion- a very, very large number of things

Roam- to wander; to move around without a purpose



Daily writing prompt and grammar practice.

Persuasive writing that stays on topic



We will begin to explore soil and identify its components



This week we will be using a clock to measure elapsed time. After students have completed their math activity pages, if at all possible please allow them to get onto IXL.com and review skills under (Time). This website is a very good resource that reinforces the skills that are learned in class. Your child has their username and password inside of their homework copy book. Thank you!



School Closing
Parents your child was not given homework because of the early dismissal, however please read  with your child for at least 20 minutes.  
Possessive Nouns -Rules and more practice
Attached are the rules for possessive nouns along with example sentences, please continue to work on this skill with your child.
Destiny's Gift
Hotep Parents ,

Attached you will find a letter that will explain all the skills that students will be working on this week and how you can help at home.

Hotep Parents!

Please continue to read with your scholars on a nightly basis! Scholars should be reading at least 20 minutes each night.

Asante Sana

Hotep Parents!
Students will have their reading and spelling test this Friday 10-25-13.

I will be sending students home with a social studies project this Thursday 10-24-13. This project will be due during the first week of November.

Thank you!

Sister Nicole
Week of October 14th, 2013
Hotep 206 Parents,

I hope you all had a restful weekend!
School is closed Monday October 14th, 2013 and Friday October 18th, 2013.

Literacy -
This week we will be focusing on a realistic fiction story.

Math -
This week we will be focusing on rounding and estimation Please continue to practice place value skills at home with your child.

Science -
This week students will continue to work on their in class science projects

Social Studies-
This week we will be focusing on communities and laws within communities.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call! Thank you!

Please see attached for spelling and power words.

Week of October 7th, 2013

Hotep 206 Parents,

This week students will be taking an Acuity Test in Reading and Math. Testing will take place Wednesday Morning 10-9-2013, please make sure students arrive to school on time.

Literacy -
This week we will be focusing on Non- Fiction text features.

Math -
This week we will be focusing on rounding. Please continue to practice place value skills at home with your child.

Science -
This week we will be focusing on landforms and natural disasters.

Social Studies-
This week we will be focusing on comm unites.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call! Thank you!

Please see attached for spelling and power words.

Science Project
Please send students in with an old shoe box by Friday October 4th for in class science project.
Week of September 30th, 2013
Hotep Parents!

Hope you had a nice weekend! This week we will be reading "Olympic Games: Where Heroes Are Made" . I attached power and spelling words for this story under the file tab.Reading and spelling test are this Friday October 4th. Please review the skills that your scholars will be learning this week.

Grammar : Compound Subjects and Predicates
Spelling: Words with -st and -str
Writing: Expressive writing
Reading Comprehension: Making inferences
Word Study : Antonyms and Acronyms


Students will continue to practice place value skills up the the hundred thousands place. Students will have a math test this Wednesday October 2ND, 2013.

Components of test :
Standard form - 6,345
Word form - six thousand, three hundred and forty-five
Expanded form- 6,000 + 300+ 40+5 = 6,345
Word problems

Scholars will continue learning about various landforms and the impact of natural disasters. Scholars will have a quiz on Landforms this Thursday October 3rd.

Please make sure you continue to read with you scholars 15-20 minutes every night!!

Any questions please email or call! Thank you

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Discussion Topics
 LittleGrunt Power and Spelling.doc
Little Grunt Power and Spelling
 Power Words 9.30- 11.8.docx
Power and spelling vocabulary
 Rosie Power and Spelling.doc
Rosie Power and Spelling
 TheStoriesJulianTells Power and Spelling.doc
The Stories Juan Power and Spelling
 TheTalentShows Power and Spelling.doc
Talent Show Power and Spelling
 Week of October 7th 2013 Power -Spelling Words.docx
Week of 10-7-13 Power and Spelling Words
 Wild Shots Vocabulary.docx
Wild Shots Spelling Words
Readers Workshop
Prep (M/T -Art;† W/F - Physical Education†; TH- Science Lab)
Guided Reading
Writers Workshop
Guided Math
Science/ Social Studies
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